Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Quick Update

Hey Guys! Tomorrow I am going back to school, but don't worry I already a few posts that I am I going to do. I also I have been reading a lot so those books that I have read will be reviewed in the next few weeks. The book I am reading right now is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I hope you guys have a wonderful summer day. For those who are going back to school good luck with everything.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Do's And Don't on What To Bring To College

Hey Guys! I just wanted to do something based on what I learned to take and not to take to when going away for college. I also thought it would be fun because school starting for some people.

1) My first thing is mainly for young women and women. That is make sure to bring clothes that fit the season you are in as well as things you can wear through at the year. Because most people are living in the dorms or smaller space than what you have at home. However don't bring your entire shoe and purse collection.

2) If you feel the need to bring books make sure you bring books that you have not read. You can also think about purchasing an e-reader so that you are not taking to much space. If you want to bring electronic things make sure you are thinking about downsizing on things. For an example if you are thinking about taking an MP3 player or another more portable devise to listen music on.

3) Bring bedding, towels, and other things you might need on daily basis. As well maybe thinking about purchasing bins that you can store under your bed. Because like I said you might be living in much smaller space than you are used to.

4) Make sure you bring things to decorate with, but don't over do it. There many affordable things that you can purchase once you get to school. Because you have to remember once you are done for the school year you might have to move out and take things home with you for the summer.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Book Review

Hey Guys! I have new book review. This is the third installment of the Mythos Academy book series. Hope You Enjoy!

Title: Dark Frost (Mythos Academy #3)
Author: Jennifer Estep
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp. (Teen Division)
Date of publication: May 29, 2012
Pages: 352
Synopsis: I've seen so many freaky images since I started attending Mythos Academy last fall. I know I'm supposed to be a fearless warrior, but most of the time, I feel like I'm just waiting for the next Bad, Bad, Thing to happen. Like Someone trying to kill me-again. Everyone at Mythos Academy knows me as Gwen Frost, the Gypsy girl who uses her psychometry magic to find lost objects-and who just may be dating Logan Quinn, the hottest guy in school. But I'm also the girl the Reapers of Chaos want dead in wort way. The Reapers are the baddest of the bad, the people who murdered my mom. So why do they have it in for me? It turns out my mom hid a powerful artifact called the Helheim Dagger before she died. Now, the Reapers will do anything to get it back. They think I know where the dagger is hidden, but this one thing I can't use my magic to find. All I do know is that the Reapers are coming for me-and I'm in for the fight of my life.
How I rate it: 5 out of 5 stars
My thoughts: I feel like that this series just gets better and better. There was not about this book that I did not hate about. I really enjoyed the villain in this book. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A New Book Review

Hey Guys! A new book review. The book is by Sarah Dessen. Yes you will notice that the cover is the old version, but that is the version I have. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Someone Like You
Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Speak a Penguin Group
Date of publication: First published in May 1, 1998; but republished May 11, 2004.
Pages: 281
Synopsis: Life is an ugly, awful place not to have a best friend Halley and Scarlett have been best friends ever since they met. Halley has always been the quiet one, Scarlett braver and more outgoing. Halley has always turned to Scarlett when things get rough, and Scarlett has always known just what to do. It's the perfect setup. But everything changes at the beginning of their junior year. Scarlett's boyfriend is killed in a motorcycle accident; then Scarlett finds out that she is carrying his baby. For the first time ever, Scarlett really needs Halley. Now Halley has to learn how to be strong for Scarlett. It won't be easy, but Halley knows that she can't let Scarlett down. Because a true friend is a promise you keep forever. 
How I rate it: 4 out of 5
My thoughts: I really enjoyed the book. It was a true Sarah Dessen Classic. There were some parts that I enjoyed more because it was my favorite parts in the movie How to Deal which is based on Sarah's first two books.